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Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Tue Jan 1 04:49:39 UTC 2008

On Dec 31, 2007, at 7:50 PM, Chuck Needham wrote:

> I'm just beginning to assemble my hardware list, trying to get as much
> bang for my buck as possible. I do have a quick question. I have  
> always
> had separate system and data disks, but was wondering about going
> Compact Flash for my system. Since I'll probably have MySQL running on
> the system disk (CF) I wondered if the 4GB CF would be sufficient  
> space
> for all that file handling. Or should I just nix it for a HDD. I was
> thinking, if the CF crapped out, I could do a quick swap with a
> duplicate CF to get up and running (can you tell I liked the Amiga  
> OS on
> a chip solution?) I don't have many demands, other than it has to  
> sound
> good and look good, and be virtually trouble free.

You do not want to run MySQL on a CF disk.  Videos use a seek table  
stored in MySQL and is accessed quite often when recording and playing  
back video. You might get anything from jumpy video to a dead CF drive  
in a very short amount of time. Is there a particular reason you are  
considering CF? There might be a better solution for what you're  
trying to achieve.

> Mem: MWave 4GB DDR2 667

You don't need that much memory if you want to cut back in favor or  
something else. 1.5GB is overkill on my setup with 3 HD and 2 SD  
tuners, plus 1080p playback

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