[mythtv-users] NAS with MySQL

Andreas Bach Aaen usenet at bachaaen.dk
Mon Feb 11 21:04:18 UTC 2008

Mandag den 11. Februar 2008 skrev Roy Lofthouse:
> I'm thinking of getting a NAS box and was wondering how many people
> are using this in their Myth setups?

I am using a Linkstation PRO Live as my mythbackend. MySQL run on the 
box too. Capture is done through an attached USB DVB-T stick.
The Linkstation is a arm based CPU, it has 128 MB of RAM. I have 
succesfully installed Debian sid for armel on it. 
The good stuff is that support for the Linux kernel to this box is on 
its way into kernel 2.6.25 with supprt from the manufactor Marvell.

Mythtv is a pain to compile on such a slow computer, but after fixing 
a few bugs it worked.

Don't expect to do any transcoding on the box. I grab in mpeg2 and I 
play mpeg2 on my Hauppauge MVP with software from www.mvpmc.org.

When I do playback the CPU is used about 75%.

P.S. Don't buy the Linkstation Pro DUO, as it only have 64MB of RAM

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