[mythtv-users] Analog and Digital - Do i have this straight?

Teruel de Campo MD chusty at attglobal.net
Mon Dec 29 23:14:48 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 15:43 -0700, Greg Woods wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 15:09 -0700, Teruel de Campo MD wrote:
> > On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 10:34 -0700, Greg Woods wrote:
> > > That means a set-top box in places where the majority
> > > of channels are encrypted (such as Comcast in Denver/Boulder).
> > 
> > Guys,
> > 
> > I'm pretty confused what direction to go. 
> That's because there isn't a definitive answer. It all depends on what
> Comcast decides to do, and we cannot predict that.
> > 1. They will keep a basic packages of channels as we have now analog but
> > they will be digital. 
> Assuming this means they will be digital-but-unencrypted (may not be
> what she meant), then your pc5500 card should be able to get them. But
> as soon as they start sending all channels in digital instead of analog,
> the PVR-350 will be useless (at least as a tuner).
> What I have been told is that they have no plans to do this as yet.
> Certainly not on Feb. 17,2009. But eventually they will do it and then
> my PVR-500 will be useless. If they really do continue to send the
> channels we currently get in analog in the clear after converting to
> digital, then I will be able to get them on my HDHomerun.
> > 2. Any of these digital channels can be seen with any tv with a quam
> > tunner without the need of a comcast box so they are not scramble.
> Let's hope they stick to that. They are under no obligation to do so. I
> trust Comcast about as far as I can throw them.
> > 4. I did not ask about  the digital to analog conversion because I did
> > not know it. I though if you have an analog tv then you need a box with
> > the tunner (comcast box) to use it. 
> That is up to Comcast. The mandatory conversion next February doesn't
> affect the cable companies at all, it only affects people who are
> receiving over-the-air broadcasts. Those are going to be all-digital, so
> if you have rabbit ears, they won't work after February. But this does
> NOT mean that the cable company will start transmitting in digital; that
> is entirely their choice.
> > 
> > 5. Does any of you are using either HDPVR or the pcHDTV hd-5500 card?
> I'm using an HDHomerun, which really should get the same set of channels
> as an hd-5500 would. They are both QAM digital tuners. I have an HD-PVR
> 1200 unit but I have not hooked it up yet. I am waiting for VDPAU to be
> production quality and for HD-PVR support to make it into the released
> version before I try it. This is my hope for getting HD (digital)
> channels that are currently encrypted into Myth, such as ESPN.
> --Greg
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Greg thanks for the reply it help me to understand where I am standing

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