[mythtv-users] Analog and Digital - Do i have this straight?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Dec 29 23:04:41 UTC 2008

On Monday 29 December 2008 15:09:47 Teruel de Campo MD wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 10:34 -0700, Greg Woods wrote:
> > That means a set-top box in places where the majority
> > of channels are encrypted (such as Comcast in Denver/Boulder).
> Guys,
> I'm pretty confused what direction to go.
> I have  pvr 350 which works great and I bought a Hauppauge HDPV and a
> HD-5500 Pc card but ther are in their boxes. The only thing I have
> connected it the old pvr-350 and trying to figure out the rest. I do
> live in Denver. Here something of interest.

Hello, I'm 100 miles north in Cheyenne.

> I have a long online chat with one the tech from Comcast. For what I
> discussed with her:
> 1. They will keep a basic packages of channels as we have now analog but
> they will be digital. The channels will be basically the same channels
> we have now.
> 2. Any of these digital channels can be seen with any tv with a quam
> tunner without the need of a comcast box so they are not scramble.

Any QAM tuner, such as the HDHR and the HD-5500 card should be able to receive 
these channels.

> 3. Some channels as we have now are scramble and they will need the
> comcast box.

This is most likely correct.

> 4. I did not ask about  the digital to analog conversion because I did
> not know it. I though if you have an analog tv then you need a box with
> the tunner (comcast box) to use it.

The analog to digital switchover applies only to over-the-air broadcasting. 
Many cable systems will continue to provide analog channels, but there's no 
telling for how long. Some cable systems are trying to convince their 
subscribers that the FCC is mandating they they (the cable operators) switch 
to digital, which is not true.

> 5. Does any of you are using either HDPVR or the pcHDTV hd-5500 card?

You may be confused between the HD-PVR and the HDHR. The former is an 
HD-capable component input capture device, the latter is a dual tuner ATSC 
and QAM device.

HDHR = High Definition Home Run:


I have an HD-PVR and HD-3000 (an older version of the 5500). 

I also have an HDHR and I love it.

The HDPVR is only supported by very experimental drivers, you're better off 
waiting for the next Myth release.

beww at beww.org

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