[mythtv-users] The RIAA makes the final misstep

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Tue Dec 23 21:34:34 UTC 2008

On Dec 23, 2008, at 9:00 AM, Jeff Wormsley wrote:

> Anyway, I love my Myth system and am not downing it.  It just looks to
> me like the big boys might be getting into the same business, so to
> speak, and I wonder how well we'll compete.

There is no competition. If you want to use their stuff, go ahead. If  
you want to use MythTV, that's fine too. MythTV will remain an active  
project as long as devs continue to find it useful and continue to  
want to develop features for it.

I just installed Boxee last week and aside from a lot of bugs, it  
almost completely fulfills my need for internet content. When I want  
to watch Hulu or stream something else from one of the online  
offerings or listen to a podcast, I launch Boxee from my MythTV main  
menu. When I want to listen to music, watch a DVD or pre-recorded  
stuff, I use MythTV.

One of the great things about MythTV is that even though it's the  
"mythical convergence" box, it doesn't have to exist solely on its own  
when there are other perfectly good open source tools out there to  
compliment it. When these big companies are doing it for a profit,  
they want to take over your whole system and end up failing here or  
there in enough ways to make it completely annoying. I'd still have my  
Tivo if they did everything right. Personally, I hope with these new  
offerings they come up with some fantastic new way to do something  
that will inspire MythTV devs to make it even better than it is now.

By the way, I hate getting into discussions about the RIAA because of  
all the harm they have done, they have also done a lot of good things  
(for me personally and people I know), so I try to stay neutral on the  


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