[mythtv-users] The RIAA makes the final misstep

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Tue Dec 23 17:00:09 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> If the on-demand stuff has commercials (and it probably will, just look at 
> what you have to sit through if you pay $10 for a movie theater ticket), then 
> Myth will have a place.
> DVD content, Music, and a lot more.
Well, commercial skipping is a wonderful feature, but Myth is much more 
than that.  It is the "much more" that Joe seems to think will be 
provided by the services (video on demand, music on demand, movies). 
> I wouldn't count on "reasonable" fees either, we're talking about the MPAA 
> here.
Well, if I don't pay the "reasonable" fee, I don't get access to the 
content anyway.  Unless I sign up for a month, download a years worth of 
stuff and cancel, I'm going to pay no matter what, just like I do now 
with cable.

Anyway, I love my Myth system and am not downing it.  It just looks to 
me like the big boys might be getting into the same business, so to 
speak, and I wonder how well we'll compete.

I haven't smoked for 2 years, 4 months and 6 days, saving $3,868.06 and 
not smoking 25,787.08 cigarettes.

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