[mythtv-users] The RIAA makes the final misstep

Joe Wilson wilson.joe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 06:39:32 UTC 2008

adventually everyone will have some form of PVR in there living room,
if not more rooms with
time just like the television. With the ability of these
devices/software packages having the
ability to remove commericals grow in # the stations will have no
means of making an income
off commercials, so their whole business model will change, for
example Im seeing ads on
the top and bottom of shows I watch more and more.. So I do see some
form of subscription
based on the ON DEMAND model being the way of the future, but as
pointed out it is the MPAA/RIAA
and the prices will not be reasonable. But Im not seeing how this
conversation has anything to
do with mythtv at this time, so I will not pursue my political views
any further.. for one i dont believe
an ip has the right to restict people into a "their media" model of
the internet where I can't access
all the rest of the net as we know it now.a bunch of STOP signs here
and there for additional fees.. yikes!
happy holidays to all  here in the forum... and may the new new bring
many blessings to you all...

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