[mythtv-users] Fedora 10 upgrade feedback

Marland V. Pittman marland at mvpittman.com
Tue Dec 23 14:38:29 UTC 2008

On 12/22/2008 9:50 PM, Paul wrote:
> Have many people taken the plunge into Fedora 10 for MythTV.
> Specifically any issues with SPDIF or audio output , and HDTV output?
> Any packages that I need for MythTV that aren't available for F10?
> thanks
> Paul
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I use two HVR-1250 cards to capture OTA HD, but display it on an SDTV, 
using TV-out. So, I'm able to record an HD signal, but it gets displayed 
on a crappy 32-inch TV. we have an HDTV upstairs, but we just stick an 
antenna on it and watch it when we're up there. Might be a good 
candidate for a remote front-end some day.

Anyway, I used MythDora the first time I tried MythTV and was 
successful. I wanted to try out Fedora 10, since the new Mythdora hasn't 
released, and F8 will be EOL soon. I was able to build it myself only 
adding the RPMFusion.org repos. However, I had an ATI X300 video card 
that didn't have binary drivers (to enable TV-out), so I put in an 
NVIDIA 8400 GS, and that worked. It had an HDMI output, but I never 
tried it. there is a header on the motherboard and the card, but I 
didn't try it. so I can't really vouch for the audio.

I learned a bit, and I think I understand why MythDora hasn't released 
on Fedora 10 yet.

I just sold my 8400 GS and went back to the fanless X300, but the 
machine was getting too hot and locking up from placement in a cabinet 
with not enough ventilation (I think). I'm going to try it again with a 
seperate backend, and adding XBox360 to stream, so I'll have to figure 
out transcoding and the uPNP stuff, but it's been a good experience for 
me. Not so good for my family wondering why I keep breaking the TV, but 
I'll try making a stable production box and getting some extra hardware 
to play with later.

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