[mythtv-users] Fedora 10 upgrade feedback

Scott Harris scott at webhounds.net
Tue Dec 23 06:28:37 UTC 2008

Paul wrote:
> Have many people taken the plunge into Fedora 10 for MythTV.
> Specifically any issues with SPDIF or audio output , and HDTV output?
> Any packages that I need for MythTV that aren't available for F10?
> thanks
> Paul
> _______________________________________________

I upgrade to an early beta version of FC10 just to get around a lot of 
issues I was having
with FC9.  After the official release of 10 I updated to it and it has 
continued to run well. 

SPDIF is working great as is HD video output.  I only use SD TV so I 
can't comment
on that. 

Because I was running beta FC10 I had issues getting NVidia drivers from 
atrpms.  So
I started just downloading directly from nvidia's web site.  That and 
I'm keen to try out
the beta nvidia drivers too.


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