[mythtv-users] Noobish network cable connection question, basement > upstairs

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Dec 5 01:23:59 UTC 2008

On Thursday 04 December 2008 18:00:49 Bobby Gill wrote:
> > Gee, I can't remember offhand when I last had to recycle either of my
> > routers. If you REALLY want to be able to cycle the router remotely, you
> > could use an X10 remote controller. Seriously, the best place for the
> > router is downstairs. If you brought it upstairs, you would need 2 cat 5
> > cables, one UP from the cable modem to the router, and one DOWN from the
> > router to the backend. If you can easily do that, then put it upstairs,
> > where you can see the pretty lights.
> >
> > But I don't power cycle my routers (home and office) so it shouldn't be
> > a problem to put it downstairs.
> >
> > Now recycling cable modems, I know nothing about..Although Rogers is
> > installing one next Monday, along with home phone.
> >
> > Geoff
> > _______________________________________________
> Hmm, well I have very rarely cycled the modem itself, and I wouldn't say I
> have needed to cycle the router "often" but the last several months or so
> have seen some random points when it needed it.
> Yeah, getting another cable going from basement to upstairs is the whole
> problem. I suppose I'll leave the router downstairs for the time being.

Your router should be on a UPS in any case, as should a backend.

The usual cause of glitches requiring power resets (which are extremely rare 
with routers) is glitches on the AC power line, which a good UPS should 

If your router requires frequent power cycling, repair it or replace it.

beww at beww.org

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