[mythtv-users] Noobish network cable connection question, basement > upstairs

Bobby Gill bobbygill at rogers.com
Fri Dec 5 01:00:49 UTC 2008

> Gee, I can't remember offhand when I last had to recycle either of my
> routers. If you REALLY want to be able to cycle the router remotely, you
> could use an X10 remote controller. Seriously, the best place for the
> router is downstairs. If you brought it upstairs, you would need 2 cat 5
> cables, one UP from the cable modem to the router, and one DOWN from the
> router to the backend. If you can easily do that, then put it upstairs,
> where you can see the pretty lights.
> But I don't power cycle my routers (home and office) so it shouldn't be
> a problem to put it downstairs.
> Now recycling cable modems, I know nothing about..Although Rogers is
> installing one next Monday, along with home phone.
> Geoff
> _______________________________________________

Hmm, well I have very rarely cycled the modem itself, and I wouldn't say I
have needed to cycle the router "often" but the last several months or so
have seen some random points when it needed it.

Yeah, getting another cable going from basement to upstairs is the whole
problem. I suppose I'll leave the router downstairs for the time being.

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