[mythtv-users] HDTV solution @1080i ???

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> After 4.5 years doing myth in SD I'm getting ready to
> go high-def. Unfortunately, my research has so far
> indicated that high-def myth is a combination of
> crapshoots and settling for less. Not a fault of Myth,
> per se, more of a lack of support by GPU suppliers,
> nvidia and Intel included.
> That said, I'd really like to know what people have
> working for full 1080i hi-def playback, on a 1080x1920
> native display. Specifically, the combination of:
> 1) video card
> 2) television
> 3) link between video card and television
> which gives 1080i without jumps, tearing, combs, sync
> issues, etc. Oh, and without crashing the system, too.
> I don't mind outputs to a 1080p mode with
> deinterlacing, as I understand that should work
> decently. I'm planning on a system built around an
> Intel E8400 so CPU shouldn't be an issue.
> I haven't purchased the new hardware yet (including
> mobo or video card) and I haven't got a TV yet, though
> I was leaning towards Sharp Aquos or an LG. But I
> don't want to go into this blind. I've seen nothing
> but problems as I've searched the forums, googled,
> etc. (Just the initial research has taken me nearly 20
> hours so far.)
> Best I can tell so far is that the most trouble-free
> option is to use YPbPr component out with a supporting
> nvidia-based card. That's kinda sad to go analog in a
> digital world, and it requires slightly fancier video
> cards. But if that's the most reasonable option I'll
> do it.
> So in summary, what do you have working
> (TV/GPU/connection) for full uncompromised 1080i playback?
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G'day (Zoiks?)

Can't say much about "full uncompromised 1080i" as my previous
experience with MythTV is zero. I recently built a system to talk to
my Aquos LC-46PD7X, and as you're considering an Aquos I thought I'd
mention one problem: although the panel is 1920x1080 native, it will
NOT report that via the DVI connector - essentially I had to manually
create modelines for xorg, and force the nVidia drivers to ignore what
the TV was telling it.

As to nVidia vs. ATI - I purchased a Gigabyte AM2 board with onboard
HDMI thinking that would be the simplest, cheapest option, however I
could not get (with my limited knowledge and experience) any
satisfactory video playback and resorted to purchasing a fairly
low-end nVidia card, hopefully only until the open-source Radeon
drivers support video accelleration for my chipset.

That said, I find the playback via DVI indistinguishable from live TV
via the Aquos bult-in tuner. But I'm nearing 50 and thus going blind
so don't take my word as gospel!

AM2 5600+
2G Corsair cheap
500G SATA cheap
GA-MA69-S2H motherboard
Mythbuntu 7.10 upgraded to Myth 0.21 via Ubuntu packages
DviCo Dual-Digital 4

Good luck
Greg |;^)

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