[mythtv-users] EIT crawling not working ? (solved)

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Tue Sep 25 08:19:00 UTC 2007

Hi Daniel,

You're completely correct. Thanks for pointing me in the right 
direction. It seems that i had 800+ channels with the 'useonairguide' 
set to 1, so the scanner was constantly scanning the 100's of 
transponders and never infact getting to the channels which i was 
interested in with the 'visible' flag set to 1.

The answer for me was to just do

  mysql -e 'update channel set useonairguide=0 where visible != 1'

Of course you/i also need to set the useonairguide to 1 for channels 
that are just the guide channels that are generally invisible but there 
to transmit the whole EIT data.


Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
 > > So the next question since i have 3 satellites (as you can see 
below) i
 > > have 500+ channels, so how do you coerce the EIT scanner to only 
scan my
 > > visible or favorites only and not the rest ? I don't see a
 > > 'EitScanOnlyVisible' option anywhere ?
 > >
 > > Shall i take this to the dev list or am i still doing something wrong ?
 > The EIT Scan needs to visit invisible channels for many people, but you
 > can get it to skip a channel. Just go to the mythtv-setup channel editor
 > and uncheck the "Use on air guide" checkbox for that channel.

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