[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend "freezes" watching LiveTV at end of program (as determined by EPG)

Matthew Jurgens mythtv at edcint.co.nz
Mon Sep 24 23:39:36 UTC 2007

Thanks for pointing out that bug report.
I'd found all sorts of other similar ones but had not seen that one yet.
Like lots of the other reports I've come across the symptoms were 
similar but not exactly the same. Symptoms that I experienced that no 
one else has written about include
- my frontend locked up entirely and did not respond to keypresses
- sometimes the backend died as well

Anyway, as a result of reading that report I tried a few of the 
suggestions it contained and found that the
"I have unchecked "wait for SEQ headers" in capture card 
settings>recording options in mythtv-setup." suggestion actually 
resolved the issue.
One of my networked frontend machines has now been through 10-20 program 
changes and been running for 6-8 hours non-stop.
There is a slight pause (about 1 sec) on program changes, but that's all.

Leaving it running for a few more hours has resulted in many more 
successful transitions. One of them however, did "freeze" the screen on 
the front end, but the frontend still responded to the ESC key and so I 
could simply restart the "Watch TV".

This is a significant improvement.

Thanks for the help.

MythTV wrote:
> Matthew Jurgens wrote:
>> I'm running myth 0.20.2 on a Fedora Core 6 backend.
>> I'm running myth 0.20.2 on multiple Mythdora based Frontend units.
>> Everything that I've tried seems to work really well, however when I 
>> am watching LiveTV the Frontend "freezes" once the time reaches what 
>> the EPG thinks is the scheduled completion time for the program. For 
>> example, if a program is schedule from 6pm to 7pm then LiveTV works as 
>> it should, pausing ,rewinding, etc during the show. At 7pm (or a few 
>> seconds after) the Frontend then "freezes". The results in the 
>> following symptoms:
>> - the frontend becomes non-responsive to keystrokes
>> - the last video frame is stuck on the screen
>> - sshing to the box reveals that the Frontend is using as much CPU as 
>> it can get (ie looping)
>> - killing the process and restarting it puts it all back to normal
>> - sometimes the backend dies as well, but this is not consistent. Most 
>> times the backend just works as it should, simply showing that the 
>> tuner has moved onto the next program.
>> Additionally, I've noticed that this happens everytime on networked 
>> Frontends, whereas it mostly works ok on a local Frontend (ie the 
>> Frontend installed on the same machine as the backend). I've tried 
>> wired and wireless connections, which make no difference.
>> I've searched through the mailing list and can find a similar problem 
>> being reported in the "**Frontend* freezes during live TV" *thread. 
>> This points to a closed bug 1454. This bug sounds similar except that 
>> it says mythtv consumes all swap and that pressing escape exits - my 
>> problem does not consume all swap and does not respond to key presses 
>> as previously described.
> Take a look at this bug report:
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/2335
> Michael
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