[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend "freezes" watching LiveTV at end of program (as determined by EPG)

MythTV mythtv at blandford.net
Fri Sep 21 13:42:29 UTC 2007

Matthew Jurgens wrote:
> I'm running myth 0.20.2 on a Fedora Core 6 backend.
> I'm running myth 0.20.2 on multiple Mythdora based Frontend units.
> Everything that I've tried seems to work really well, however when I 
> am watching LiveTV the Frontend "freezes" once the time reaches what 
> the EPG thinks is the scheduled completion time for the program. For 
> example, if a program is schedule from 6pm to 7pm then LiveTV works as 
> it should, pausing ,rewinding, etc during the show. At 7pm (or a few 
> seconds after) the Frontend then "freezes". The results in the 
> following symptoms:
> - the frontend becomes non-responsive to keystrokes
> - the last video frame is stuck on the screen
> - sshing to the box reveals that the Frontend is using as much CPU as 
> it can get (ie looping)
> - killing the process and restarting it puts it all back to normal
> - sometimes the backend dies as well, but this is not consistent. Most 
> times the backend just works as it should, simply showing that the 
> tuner has moved onto the next program.
> Additionally, I've noticed that this happens everytime on networked 
> Frontends, whereas it mostly works ok on a local Frontend (ie the 
> Frontend installed on the same machine as the backend). I've tried 
> wired and wireless connections, which make no difference.
> I've searched through the mailing list and can find a similar problem 
> being reported in the "**Frontend* freezes during live TV" *thread. 
> This points to a closed bug 1454. This bug sounds similar except that 
> it says mythtv consumes all swap and that pressing escape exits - my 
> problem does not consume all swap and does not respond to key presses 
> as previously described.

Take a look at this bug report:



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