[mythtv-users] Icon and xmltv id grabber for Finland

ikke ikke at iki.fi
Fri Sep 21 07:55:32 UTC 2007


this is some shortcut for Finnish mythtv users. It provides an
alternative way to setup channels, no need for jumping from GUI to
command line to answer over 100 questions for mythfilldatabase during
source setup. After you scan for channels, you need to re-fill all
xmltv ids to get EPG data downloaded from telkku.com. I modified one
existing script in contrib directory, and made a new version which
sets all telkku.com xmltv id's for you into mythtv database. The
script also creates a sources file for you (e.g. HTV.xmltv) which gets
you ready to just run mythfilldatabase --update.

Also the script automatically grabs TV icons from net to you HDD and
sets them in place in mythtv.

The script is here: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3969

store both files in the same directory and run:

1. ./grab_fi_icons_xmltvids /usr/local/share/mythtv/logos
2. copy the listning at the end of script to your sources.xmltv file
3. in this phase you can just comment out the channels you don't want
to get EPG from
    sources.xmltv file
4. run mythfilldatabase --update

If you find there is error in the script, please tell me. It works
fine for me. Also please tell me if you need to update the lookup.txt
file which contails xmltvids and icon locations.

- i

PS: I use HTV cable, and have always problems tuning transports. I've
heard I'm not the only one. Anyway after you find transports (which is
the problem) there is no problems tuning the channels. This script
makes re-tuning a snap.

PS2: you can use the script in any country, just modify the lookup.txt
xmltvids and channel names to your liking.

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