[mythtv-users] Adding HDHomeRun... lineup question

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 21 21:51:26 UTC 2007

Michael Rice wrote:
> I've ordered an HDHomeRun to add to my current system.  I've been
> reading lots of pages on the HDHR and haven't quite figured out how
> this is going to fit into my setup.  Here's what I currently have:
> 2 Schedule Direct Lineups:
> 1: Cable: Setup with only the channels I get through the cable without
> the cable box
> 2: Digital Cable: All channels available in my cable package (no HD channels).
> Backend:
> 2 IVTV cards hooked to analog cable with "Cable" lineup
> 1 IVTV card hooked to my cable box with "Digital Cable" lineup
> Frontend/Slave backend:
> 1 saa7134 card hooked to analog cable with "Cable" lineup.
> So I plan to try the 2 HDHR tuners on QAM which I think will have some
> HD and SD digital channels.  The channels available here will not
> correspond to either of my lineups... In my Digital lineup I do not
> have the HD channels selected since my SD cable box won't receive
> them.  It seems that I need another "Digital Cable" lineup that just
> contains what I pick up on QAM but it doesn't look like I can have
> more than one Digital lineup on SD...

Correct, you need to set up another lineup.
Depending on your cable system you may have many open channels or you 
may have only the locals and free channels in the clear. Most major 
cable operators only offer the minimum. Unfortunately in a few cases 
there have been no channels in the clear which is in violation of 
federal law. So with this in mind you may be able to get away with using 
a local channels lineup on your existing account. I think the procedure 
for multiple accounts is to use the same username and password when 
creating the 2nd account. I my be wrong as I only need 2 lineups.

PS - One unfortunate quirk of using a HDHR on a cable system is the 
channels usually are not identifed so you end up with a bunch of unknown 
channels and will have to manually edit the channel info and channel 
number and xmltvid for each channel. Its not hard, just  a pain in the 
rear to figure everything out but once its done you should not have to 
do it again.

> Can someone explain how I need to set this up?
> 18 months ago I had a 1 tuner Tivo... now I am a few days away from a
> 6 tuner Myth system... that's progress!
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