[mythtv-users] ivtv settings and recording with mythtv

robl robl at monkeyhelper.com
Fri Sep 21 18:46:41 UTC 2007

Mike Perkins wrote:
> robl wrote:
>> The default output set by MythTV when starting a recording seems to be 0 
>> (S-Video + Composite) but only setting 2 seems to give colour output.  I 
>> assume mythtv is setting the ivtv settings when it initiates a 
>> recording, unfortunately it seems to be setting the output to 0, 
>> overriding my original setting of 2 (from v4l2-ctl).  I have tried all 
>> the options in mythtv-setup under Capture-Cards->Default Input but this 
>> doesn't seem to make any difference (is this the correct setting ?).
> You shouldn't need to touch v4l2/ivtv when using Myth. Providing the drivers 
> load OK (including the firmware), Myth controls almost everything itself.
> Are you sure you have configured this as the right type of card? The first field 
> in the Mthtv-setup->Capture Cards screen is a combo box. You should have cycled 
> it to the setting "MPEG-2 Encoder Card (PVR-x50, PVR-500)". Then go to the 
> bottom and choose "Tuner 1". Hit Finish and you should be good to go.
> If you leave the first field as default, you will get a software encoder and all 
> sorts of grief will ensue.
Yes, I definitely have the right card selected (and I have tried all the 
drop-down options for the default input box).  The problem is obviously 
mythtv is setting (via it's ivtv interface) the default output for the 
card when initiating a recording.  I must not have this correctly set in 
mythtv which leads to it overriding my setting it from v4l2-ctl.

So my question still stands, how do I tell mythtv which output to set on 
the PVR-350 when it initiates a recording ?

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