[mythtv-users] No suported Hardware found

Chaos Lord chaos.lord at gmx.net
Thu Sep 20 20:27:22 UTC 2007

Am 20.09.2007 um 21:46 schrieb IsmoT:

> Hello,
>>  Hi,
>>  I think you don't have supported video adapter in your machine.
>>  You should have nvidia, via or intel graphic processor. Look at
>>  www.linpvr.org , Supported hardware.
>>  Minimyth's hardware support is very limited because dist size is
>>  been kept as small as possible.
>>  Your DVB-C card should be in backend machine as minimyth is only
>>  frontend.
> The DVB-C Card in the mashine is an Mepeg Card i want to use to bring
> the video on the screen, not for capturing. If i turn of vga support
> why do i hav to have a supported grafic-card? Or do i think the wrong
> way?
> Tnx
> Steve
> I think so. You need another computer to run backend software and hold
> capture cards. Minimyth is only frontend, so it can't use capture  
> cards
> or record programs etc. Basically, it can only stream recordings and
> livetv from backend machine.
> You need graphic card to run minimyth. Mpeg card is not supported, I
> think. Only graphic cards supported are nvidia, via and intel.

Ah ok i see,

that is worse since the hardware Encoders are much faster and use  
less CPU than normal grafic-Cards.....
But thanks for the hint.


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