[mythtv-users] No suported Hardware found

IsmoT ismot at telemail.fi
Thu Sep 20 19:46:40 UTC 2007


>  Hi,
>  I think you don't have supported video adapter in your machine.
>  You should have nvidia, via or intel graphic processor. Look at
>  www.linpvr.org , Supported hardware.
>  Minimyth's hardware support is very limited because dist size is
>  been kept as small as possible.
>  Your DVB-C card should be in backend machine as minimyth is only
>  frontend.

The DVB-C Card in the mashine is an Mepeg Card i want to use to bring
the video on the screen, not for capturing. If i turn of vga support
why do i hav to have a supported grafic-card? Or do i think the wrong



I think so. You need another computer to run backend software and hold 
capture cards. Minimyth is only frontend, so it can't use capture cards 
or record programs etc. Basically, it can only stream recordings and 
livetv from backend machine.

You need graphic card to run minimyth. Mpeg card is not supported, I 
think. Only graphic cards supported are nvidia, via and intel.


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