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> Unless I'm mistaken, X2 chips are just dual core processors.  
> Nuvexport is only single-threaded, so the second core will idle.  The 
> only real gain you can see is from the increase in speed of a single 
> core.  Dual core will allow you do run two jobs at once however, so 
> commflag on one core and export some other show on a second core.
Your processor is still pretty fast in single threaded applications as it
runs at 2.2GHz to improve upon this speed you need a chip X2 chip that runs
at a higher frequency or wait till the end of the year for a K10 processor.
Also the problem may be not cpu but hard drive or memory. As transcoding
seems to stress these components a lot.

The question is what what are you using nuvexport to do? I mean for me with
a 2.4GHz Opteron (4GB of ram) a 1 hour show recorded at 720x480 takes
mytharchive less than 15 minutes to process and this includes writing to a
4X dvd +rw.

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It's not nuvexport that does the actual exporting. Nuvexport just runs
ffmpeg, transcode, or mencoder (whichever you choose). Also, since you can
change the quality settings to your liking, exporting times can vary with
all 3 programs. To give you an example, I use transcode, export to xvid with
quality 8 setting, and I am able to export a 1 hour recording (42-45 minutes
total when there are no commercials) in about 35 minutes. I have a core 2
duo running at 2.4ghz. Transcode will utilize both cores, mencoder will not
(can't remember about ffmpeg).

If I was to export to dvd (instead of xvid), it would probably be way faster
(10-15 minutes or so) because there is not much compressing going on. Also,
I don't use multipass, if I did, it would take twice as long to export each

-Hope that helps

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