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> > Unless I'm mistaken, X2 chips are just dual core processors.
> > Nuvexport is only single-threaded, so the second core will idle.  The
> > only real gain you can see is from the increase in speed of a single
> > core.  Dual core will allow you do run two jobs at once however, so
> > commflag on one core and export some other show on a second core.
> >
> Your processor is still pretty fast in single threaded applications as it
> runs at 2.2GHz to improve upon this speed you need a chip X2 chip that
> runs
> at a higher frequency or wait till the end of the year for a K10
> processor.
> Also the problem may be not cpu but hard drive or memory. As transcoding
> seems to stress these components a lot.
> The question is what what are you using nuvexport to do? I mean for me
> with
> a 2.4GHz Opteron (4GB of ram) a 1 hour show recorded at 720x480 takes
> mytharchive less than 15 minutes to process and this includes writing to a
> 4X dvd +rw.
> John
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> It's not nuvexport that does the actual exporting. Nuvexport just runs
> ffmpeg, transcode, or mencoder (whichever you choose). Also, since you can
> change the quality settings to your liking, exporting times can vary with
> all 3 programs. To give you an example, I use transcode, export to xvid
> with
> quality 8 setting, and I am able to export a 1 hour recording (42-45
> minutes
> total when there are no commercials) in about 35 minutes. I have a core 2
> duo running at 2.4ghz. Transcode will utilize both cores, mencoder will
> not
> (can't remember about ffmpeg).
> If I was to export to dvd (instead of xvid), it would probably be way
> faster
> (10-15 minutes or so) because there is not much compressing going on.
> Also,
> I don't use multipass, if I did, it would take twice as long to export
> each
> recording.
> -Hope that helps
> -Steve
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I wonder, which one gives better results? Transcode, ffmpeg or mencoder?
I am assuming the same size file as an end result.

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