[mythtv-users] Upgrading CPU

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 13:31:42 UTC 2007

> Unless I'm mistaken, X2 chips are just dual core processors.  Nuvexport
> is only single-threaded, so the second core will idle.  The only real
> gain you can see is from the increase in speed of a single core.  Dual
> core will allow you do run two jobs at once however, so commflag on one
> core and export some other show on a second core.
Your processor is still pretty fast in single threaded applications as
it runs at 2.2GHz to improve upon this speed you need a chip X2 chip
that runs at a higher frequency or wait till the end of the year for a
K10 processor.  Also the problem may be not cpu but hard drive or
memory. As transcoding seems to stress these components a lot.

The question is what what are you using nuvexport to do? I mean for me
with a 2.4GHz Opteron (4GB of ram) a 1 hour show recorded at 720x480
takes mytharchive less than 15 minutes to process and this includes
writing to a 4X dvd +rw.


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