[mythtv-users] Upgrading CPU

William Pettersson enigma at strudel-hound.com
Sun Sep 16 07:15:09 UTC 2007

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Javier Perez wrote:
> Hi
> I have an Asus M2NPV-VM Motherboard with 1GB Ram and an AMD 64 3500 cpu
> The system works nice and it was an improvement over my old one.
> Currently I can nuvexport a 1h show in 3h 20min aprox.
> I wonder, given the low price of X2 chips, how much faster could it
> be if I upgrade to a X2 chip.
> Is a 2X speed upgrade likely? What should I look forward performance wise?
> I know that I won't make picture viewing faster, but I was looking
> forward to
> make  commflagging and exports faster. They are not a problem right now
> therefore I could live quite comfortably as I am right now.

Unless I'm mistaken, X2 chips are just dual core processors.  Nuvexport
is only single-threaded, so the second core will idle.  The only real
gain you can see is from the increase in speed of a single core.  Dual
core will allow you do run two jobs at once however, so commflag on one
core and export some other show on a second core.

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