[mythtv-users] Your thoughts on Cases .. The hardest part of the whole HTPC Process

Ben Kevan ben.kevan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 19:03:44 UTC 2007


Let me first add.. I am on a budget.. Now on to the rest

I originally was going to get a barebone system from NewEgg.com (the P1-AH2 

But am starting to shift my wants to a: 


Since there is more upgradability and it has the HDTV Output Module (the 
P1-AH2 did not)

Now comes the hardest part of the WHOLE HTPC Process IMO, the damned CASE. 

They current case I am looking at is the following: 

nMEIDAPC HTPC 200BA Black Aluminum / Plastic / Steel Micro ATX Media Center

First things I notice are: 

No front IR
What the hell good do the front AV Capture ports do? 

Under "Features" it lists S/PDIF Output Jack, but I didn't see it anywhere.. 
Must be on the back somewhere

Also under "Features" it lists Universal Internal IR Rack.. What the heck does 
that mean? Would I just have to run the IR and lay it on the top of the unit? 

Thanks for all the help guys.. This has been one of the most active Mailing 
lists i've ever been on.. 


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