[mythtv-users] setting up mythweb flash player with latest svn

Ben Dailey ben at inspiredtechs.com
Thu Sep 13 18:52:08 UTC 2007

> I've upgraded to the latest svn of mythtv and i'm trying to get the flash
> player for mythweb to work but when i click the play button the preview
> image is replaced by a black screen and nothing happens.  if i click play
> again, i get the following error message.
> Error: 1000: No bitrate match
>         at mx.controls.videoClasses::VideoPlayer/play()
>         at mx.controls::VideoDisplay/play()
>         at MythFlash.MFPlayer::MFPlayerControl/play()
> i am running firefox on vista with flash player 9 when i see this error.  if
> i try the use mythweb's flash player on xp or on a fedora core machine, i
> don't see any error message, but nothing happens after i click play except
> that the preview image turns to black.  after clicking play, should i see a
> ffmpeg process spawn on the mythweb server because as far as i can tell, it
> doesn't happen.  do i need to set up a user job to auto transcode recordings
> before i can use the flash player in mythweb?
> i used the included mythweb.conf for apache and i password protect the
> mythweb directory using apache's httpd.conf, the only things i changed were
> the path to mythweb and the db_server.  i was not sure what to do with the
> rest of the settings.  is there something i'm missing to get the flash
> player working?
> thanks,
> inor


Do you have ffmpeg installed? It is used externally of mythtv to
provide the video transcoding for the flashplayer. Also what is the
source of the video you are trying to play because I don't believe
ffmpeg supports the NuppelVideo container that mythtv uses if it
software encodes a stream from an analog source.


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