[mythtv-users] setting up mythweb flash player with latest svn

Inor Kuo inorkuo at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 13 17:48:18 UTC 2007

I've upgraded to the latest svn of mythtv and i'm trying to get the flash 
player for mythweb to work but when i click the play button the preview 
image is replaced by a black screen and nothing happens.  if i click play 
again, i get the following error message.

Error: 1000: No bitrate match
	at mx.controls.videoClasses::VideoPlayer/play()
	at mx.controls::VideoDisplay/play()
	at MythFlash.MFPlayer::MFPlayerControl/play()

i am running firefox on vista with flash player 9 when i see this error.  if 
i try the use mythweb's flash player on xp or on a fedora core machine, i 
don't see any error message, but nothing happens after i click play except 
that the preview image turns to black.  after clicking play, should i see a 
ffmpeg process spawn on the mythweb server because as far as i can tell, it 
doesn't happen.  do i need to set up a user job to auto transcode recordings 
before i can use the flash player in mythweb?

i used the included mythweb.conf for apache and i password protect the 
mythweb directory using apache's httpd.conf, the only things i changed were 
the path to mythweb and the db_server.  i was not sure what to do with the 
rest of the settings.  is there something i'm missing to get the flash 
player working?


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