[mythtv-users] Latest SVN, old problem; was Re: 0.20, mythtv-setup not getting all channels

Scott Walker lkomage at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 13 01:33:59 UTC 2007

Definitely I'm interested! As for entering the channels, I never got
around to writing up something to automagically go through the XML and
enter the 4DTV channels into the database. There were only a few
"important" channels I wanted to make sure were in MythTV, so I just
hand entered the data using mythtv-setup. At least once I entered the
data from the XML there, from that point mythfilldatabase had no problem
updating the guide info.

I'm actually more interested in the channel changing script for a 4DTV,
since I'm hoping that this import problem between the 4DTV data and
mythfilldatabase will get solved eventually. It's been a real pain to
have to try to sync up 4DTV receiver recording schedules with Myth, so I
was working up to really trying to get Myth to control the receivers.
Since I'm a programmer, not a hardware guy, I had about settled on
getting this:
It's pricey, but looks idiot-proof, and would be able to control two
4DTV receivers, a Pansat MPEG2 receiver, and another satellite receiver.
And that way I could concentrate on writing the widget to talk to them.
The WAF would go up a bunch if Myth could handle tuning...

Glad to see I'm not the only one still using BUDs!

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