[mythtv-users] Latest SVN, old problem; was Re: 0.20, mythtv-setup not getting all channels

Tony Baca cfr131 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 18:40:27 UTC 2007

I'll send you my channel table and channel script and lirc.conf stuffoff

The short explaintion is you must change the freqid for my script to work.
If you look at the original 4DTV remote to change to G5022, we changed sat
by pressng SAT, then 5,5,enter- wait-then 0,0,2,enter.

Zap2it labeled the channel G5022, I just changed the G->5, X->9 and so on.

That is step one:,
step two is get you IR Blaster working through LIRC. Maybe

I built my own using this device
I needed one or two resistors and an external power pack.

I also looked at this one:

On 9/12/07, Scott Walker <lkomage at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Definitely I'm interested! As for entering the channels, I never got
> around to writing up something to automagically go through the XML and
> enter the 4DTV channels into the database. There were only a few
> "important" channels I wanted to make sure were in MythTV, so I just
> hand entered the data using mythtv-setup. At least once I entered the
> data from the XML there, from that point mythfilldatabase had no problem
> updating the guide info.
> I'm actually more interested in the channel changing script for a 4DTV,
> since I'm hoping that this import problem between the 4DTV data and
> mythfilldatabase will get solved eventually. It's been a real pain to
> have to try to sync up 4DTV receiver recording schedules with Myth, so I
> was working up to really trying to get Myth to control the receivers.
> Since I'm a programmer, not a hardware guy, I had about settled on
> getting this:
> http://www.commandir.com/mini/settopboxcontrol/
> It's pricey, but looks idiot-proof, and would be able to control two
> 4DTV receivers, a Pansat MPEG2 receiver, and another satellite receiver.
> And that way I could concentrate on writing the widget to talk to them.
> The WAF would go up a bunch if Myth could handle tuning...
> Glad to see I'm not the only one still using BUDs!
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