[mythtv-users] Missing channels when browsing

Bing Ho bing_ho at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 13 01:24:37 UTC 2007


I have had a peculiar problem with self-compiled mythtv-0.20-fixes under Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. I use an ATSC Airstar HD5000 tuner card. This issue has occurred a few times now, over many recompiles of mythtv-0.20-fixes and from two versions of Ubuntu.

After doing a channel scan and inserting the appropriate xmltv id numbers, everything seems to work fine and then one day, I can't tune into a specific channel. It shows up in the program guide, but when I try to browse through (up/down arrow key) with live tv, I can't see the channel anymore, and trying to select the channel from the program guide puts me into the next, adjacent channel.

When I take a look at the database, the channel entry is there.

I can't consistently reproduce the problem, but it appears more likely to occur if I repeat a channel scan (with minimal updates) - some existing channels sometimes seem to get munged. Other times, it seems to be mythfilldatabase related (occurs after a update).

My system is pretty vanilla, although recently due to change in internet connection, I have been importing xmltv data via a file (but this happened even before this situation).


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