[mythtv-users] DirecTV STB USB port

David George david at thegeorges.us
Wed Sep 12 04:54:11 UTC 2007

On 09/11/2007 11:29 PM, Rob S wrote:
> Well....I now know that it's not a widespread sort of thing and by 
> looking at the firmware on my boxes I discovered that they haven't 
> been updated since June or so.  I upgraded myth last week (for the 
> schedules direct switch) and apparently in doing so I somehow created 
> this bizarre behavior.  I have no idea how upgrading myth would cause 
> the directv.pl script to suddenly not work...but I guess weirder 
> things have happened. Anyway, thanks for your help guys...guess I'll 
> revert things and hope it doesn't break again.
One of my D12-300 just started doing the same thing.  I had updated to 
latest trunk SVN as of last week.  What I found was the directv3.pl 
script I was using would work fine from the command line, but the 
receiver would just get the last digit when executing channel changes 
from inside Myth (e.g. in LiveTV).  I added verbose to my channel change 
command line so I could see what it was doing and it started working 
reliably so I haven't looked into it further.  This is on my 
frontend/slave backend.  The same script with the same receivers work 
fine on my master backend without the verbose option.


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