[mythtv-users] Apple X11 or XDarwin?

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Tue Sep 11 13:29:58 UTC 2007

At 11:51 PM -0400 9/10/07, Chris Ribe wrote:
>I'm open to the possibility that I am imagining the commercial skip problem, (I'm running David's 20.1 build). 

Um, did you mean 20.2?

I built the Intel part of the 20.2 binary.  Commercial skipping keeps failing on me too when it runs as the show is being recorded.  I find it works OK if I manually initiate it after the recording is complete.  Oh, I specified the full pat to the executable inside the app bundle.  Ie:


I don't know if that was strictly necessary, but it worked for me.  (Oddly, I've noticed commflag uses one core on my Core Duo exclusively when it runs during recording.  When run manually, the load is split between the cores.)  Right now, I'm having troubles trying to bring QAM into the mix so I haven't spent any time on the commflagging issue.

>As for suspend/sleep issues and lockups, I willing to blame those problems on my mac, as it has been known to suffer those problems without myth running.

Do you have up-to-date firmware and system software?  My impression was that some MacBooks had these problems but that they had been pretty much cured through firmware upgrades.

Could you Energy Saver settings be causing issues?  Maybe the processor is clocked down or the hard drive is spinning down?


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