[mythtv-users] New/Split the MythTV list for forbidden topics

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 19:42:14 UTC 2007

> It seems like a lot of topics of general interest are forbidden....
> 1. Scraping for EPG data (maybe it's legal somewhere - I don't know)

The XMLTV list should suffice for this.  That is, after all, it's raison

2. CSS decrypting to allow playing of commercial DVD's (probably not legal -
> but I suspect many Myth users are watching DVD's)

This is already covered in many *many* places.  The Xine and mplayer mailing
lists immediately come to mind, and I know there are many others (after all,
I got DVD playback working on my system without posting a single question to
this mailing list).  Google is your friend.  Use it.

3. SASC-NG decrypting of satellite signals (Even if just to get EIT data, or
> to enable high quality recordings for users who have legitimate Dish Network
> accounts)

Are you saying there aren't already mailing lists or forums which cover this
topic elsewhere?

I ask all this because people seem to want a single place to go to discuss
various topics, even those that are only peripherally related to Myth, which
is very strange to me.  If there are already forums/mailing lists which
cover these topics, populated by people who are very familiar with them, why
would you want to create a new list, rather than just utilizing those

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