[mythtv-users] New/Split the MythTV list for forbidden topics

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Sat Sep 8 13:51:02 UTC 2007

It seems like a lot of topics of general interest are forbidden....
1. Scraping for EPG data (maybe it's legal somewhere - I don't know)
2. CSS decrypting to allow playing of commercial DVD's (probably not legal -
but I suspect many Myth users are watching DVD's)
3. SASC-NG decrypting of satellite signals (Even if just to get EIT data, or
to enable high quality recordings for users who have legitimate Dish Network
4. etc.
I'm not endorsing any of the above, but respect that the list owners can set
whatever boundaries they like on topics.  
Anyone motivated to start a new list?  (I think Yahoo offers a listserv for
creating new topics....)  The second list would NOT be a
replacement/competition for this list, rather it would supplement it.
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