[mythtv-users] New/Split the MythTV list for forbidden topics

norman norman at littletank.org
Sun Sep 9 08:09:31 UTC 2007

>         It seems like a lot of topics of general interest are
>         forbidden....

< snip >

> I ask all this because people seem to want a single place to go to
> discuss various topics, even those that are only peripherally related
> to Myth, which is very strange to me.  If there are already
> forums/mailing lists which cover these topics, populated by people who
> are very familiar with them, why would you want to create a new list,
> rather than just utilizing those resources? 

I am inclined to agree with everything written here. I use this list
because I am able to read about various problems and their solutions
regarding the use of Mythtv. Also, when I have a problem, I know where
to go. The difficulty I am finding these days is picking out the
relevant material from the chaff. For example, this morning I had 68
messages to read and I doubt if more than 10% had any real relevance to
Mythtv. Why complain here about Linux for instance, this is nothing to
do with Mythtv?


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