[mythtv-users] Mythweb Schedule filtering question

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Sat Sep 8 18:08:14 UTC 2007

On Sat, Sep 08, 2007 at 10:50:01AM -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
> >> I believe "New Episodes Only" means new to your MythTV database -- no 
> >> match to previously recorded shows,
> >> as opposed to "Exclude Repeats" which uses xml data that flags the 
> >> listing as a repeat of a previously aired show.
> >>
> >> Clearer?
> >>
> >> Craig.

> > *That* makes sense!  I had a Tivo mindset...where "New episodes only" 
> > means new broadcast...
> I'm glad you enjoyed that speculation but it has no basis
> in fact =).
> The difference is whether or not showings of old episodes are
> included in the recording list. Which new episodes will record
> will be exactly the same for either of these options.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.  :-)

"Old" and "new" are words, which, clearly, have one meaning to some
developers, and quite another meaning to most users.

I, for one, assume (as I believe many other people have been) that new
means "not a rereun" and old means "has been aired before, ever".

It sounds like, from

> 'New episodes only' matches all the showings for the rule then
> in the 'place' phase, marks the showings that are more than 14
> days past their original air date as "r". 'Exclude old episodes'
> doesn't match for any of the showings more than 14 days old
> so these are never clutter in the recording list. Both of these
> approaches are valid and may or may not be what the user expects
> to see.

this, as if that's not with *Myth* means by them.

> For example, "Saturday Night Live" is on once a week on NBC but more
> often than not, they are repeats. I use 'New episodes only' so that
> repeats are listed marked as "r". I can look at the description and
> decide if I want to re-record it if I'd like.

So "New episodes" *includes* repeats (things which are so marked, that

> "Mythbusters" has two showings of one recent episode "Mythbusters
> Revealed" which I've already recorded but there are 49 showings of
> "Mythbusters" episodes in my listings. I don't want to have about
> fifty "Mythbusters" in my list all the time when I won't consider
> recording these. By using 'Exclude old episodes' the list only
> includes the two showings of the new episode.

And they are new ... because?

> Further, because the scheduler will only consider new episodes with
> either of these options, I can go to the 'Previously Recorded' page in
> mythfrontend and remove all the old episodes for "Mythbusters" rather
> than accumulating hundreds of these over the years.
> As I said, either of these are valid and may be what you want but
> for each of them, only the showings for new episodes are eligible to
> record and the same showings will be scheduled if you use one or the
> other of these options.

I apologize, Bruce; I was hoping that by the end of your message I'd be
able to pry out the difference in meaning between new/old. is/isn't
repeat, and we've recorded it/we haven't, but I couldn't *quite* do it.

"New episodes only" and "exclude repeats" are *separate* checkboxes,
right? (I'm not near my machine.)

"Exclude repeats" is pretty clear: if the R flag is on the listing
record, skip it.

But what, exactly, is the definition of "New episodes only"?  "Ones
we've never recorded *here* before"?  (This isn't idle query; I want to
get the right answer into the User's Manual ... where I see that it is
not, at the moment.

-- jra
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