[mythtv-users] MythArchive DVD

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Sep 8 17:30:29 UTC 2007

raptor jr wrote:
> I tried for the first time to make a dvd of a recording. It worked
> pretty well to make the dvd, but i have a few problems. Dont think it
> is all MythArchives fault, some of the problems may be mythtvs.
> 1. Even though i have selected the dvd speed to be 2, the dvd is
> spinning at full speed.

Currently MythArchive doesn't set the burn speed it just allows
growisofs to use whatever speed it thinks is best. Adding an option to
choose the burn speed is something that will be added at some point.

> 2. The dvd have no sound, and when i press the voulme button the osd
> doesnt show. If i play the dvd in VLC i have sound. The sound works
> perfect in LiveTV and videos.

Are you using the 'Internal' player? I know that the internal player
sometimes has problems selecting the right audio stream if you have
chosen to not encode all streams to AC3 in MythArchive. When this
happens you can use the OSD to change the audio stream. I think xine is
a little smarter at selecting which stream to use or you could try
setting MythArchive to always encode the audio streams to AC3 to keep
the internal player happy.

> 3. Maybe i have missed som setting, but i selected to burn the dvd
> immediately and still, the files that was produced by mytharchive is
> still on my harddrive. Is there some cleanup setting so they are
> removed automatically? Or do i need to remove them manually every time?

There is no need to remove them manually they are cleared when a new job
is started. They are left behind to help with debugging if something
goes wrong while creating a DVD.
> /Stefan

Paul H.

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