[mythtv-users] did i understand this right

Chaos Lord chaos.lord at gmx.net
Sat Sep 8 11:36:45 UTC 2007

Hallo NG

i'm looking for an VDR solution and by googlining i found mythtv. I  
have one question to the system. When i understand it right. I can  
but ie dvb-S Cards in one Computer and watch on an otherone. Is this  
right. If Yes is it possible to only watch recorded progroms or  
normal TV-Programm too?

The second Question is if it is possible o use other applications  
like ip-Radio, mp3 etc with the Client (if splitting is possible)

Thank you for answering


PS Real-Adress not presented. since NG is presented in Web and last  
time i did this i got 200 Spam-Mails /d three days after i subscribed

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