[mythtv-users] How do I customize the mythtv menu?

Gary Raposo gary at raposo.ca
Fri Sep 7 03:08:53 UTC 2007

At 06:58 PM 06/09/2007, you wrote:
>blootube-wide is a Theme (i.e., for all practical purposes, a "UI" look
>and feel theme--describes the graphics and colors).  Also, blootube,
>blootubelite-wide, blue, G.A.N.T. (in trunk G.A.N.T because of a certain
>incompetent filesystem), Iulius, MePo-wide, Minimalist-wide, MythCenter,
>MythCenter-wide, neone-wide, ProjectGrayhem, ProjectGrayhem-wide, Retro,
>Titivillus.  Requirements: has ui.xml
>DVR, Default, and classic are Menu Themes that put buttons on pages of
>the UI.  Requirements: has mainmenu.xml
>blootube-osd, blueosd, default-osd, Gray-OSD, isthmus, Iulius-OSD,
>MePo-wide ProjectGrayhem-OSD, Retro-OSD, Titivillus-OSD are all OSD
>Themes (used to define what the on-screen display looks like during
>playback).  Requirements: has osd.xml
>Yes.  MePo-wide is both a Theme and an OSD Theme in the same directory
>(i.e. there exists both a ui.xml and an osd.xml in the directory).  It
>used to have a Menu Theme in the same directory, but it is no longer
>needed, so the author removed it.

Thanks for explaining it to me.  I found the correct files and just 
finished a little bit of customization.  I'm happy again :)


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