[mythtv-users] How do I customize the mythtv menu?

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Thu Sep 6 23:21:20 UTC 2007

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At 05:12 PM 06/09/2007, you wrote:
>Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > On 09/06/2007 12:38 AM, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:
> >> I know you can customize the mythtv menus by editing certain xml
> files, but
> >> I just can't seem to find the right file to edit the main menu
> screen (when
> >> settings, appearance, menu theme is DVR).
> >>
> >> Any ideas where that file resides?
> >>
> >
> > /usr/{,local/}share/mythtv/themes/DVR/mainmenu.xml
>Hey, that one's mine, make your own ;-).
>$ cd /usr/{,local/}share/mythtv/themes/
>$ cp -rp DVR/ MyMenus
>$ cd MyMenus
>$ $EDITOR mainmenu.xml
>MyMenus will then appear as choice for menu theme. If you
>come up with an organization that is generally useful for others, send 
>it in. So far Donovan and I have done the only ones but I thought there 
>would be several by now.
>This is really easy. I didn't like Donovan's default menus that try to 
>mix the modules in the same sub-menus to give the impression that 
>everything is tightly integrated. I use myth as a DVR and don't need to 
>go to a Media Library to decide if I want to listen to music or watch 
>TV (hint: I'm going to watch TV and if I intended to listen to music, 
>I'd go to a music menu =). I wanted to pull the most commonly accessed
>pages right to the top. I did this in about an hour or hour
>and a half on a Saturday morning and have only needed to tweak
>it a couple times since.
>Note that the main menu is the only required file. Other files are 
>referenced in the actions:
>       <action>MENU tv_schedule.xml</action>
>So you can add more menus, consolidate things and use different files 
>names if you'd like. One suggestion is that you should try to limit 
>menus to six items as the themes are expected to fit six items 
>comfortably. Also, it makes sense to keep the "<text>" names the same 
>whenever possible so that you can keep the translations to other 
>languages and so we know what screen a user is talking about when the 
>send questions. And don't leave any items out even if you think you 
>will never need them. At least bury them in a misc sub menu so that all 
>the pages are potentially accessible.
>--  bjm
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How about themes that don't seem to have a mainmenu.xml?  I've been 
wanting to modify the blootube-wide theme but it's not obvious (to me 
at least) what .xml file I should be editing.

# ls *.xml
base.xml  gallery-ui.xml  game-ui.xml  music-ui.xml  status-ui.xml 
themeinfo.xml  theme.xml  ui.xml  video-ui.xml


mythtv-users mailing list
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Thanks for the help guys. I was able to add Games, get rid of status and
recording priorities (I put those in other menus), and I added videos to the
main menu. One last question...I want to have my Videos link go straight to
the video gallery, but I can't figure that one out. Right now it goes to the
videos menu where I then have to select Video Gallery

Right now, here is what I have (foreign languages look bad cause of Putty):

     <text>Video Gallery</text>
     <text lang="FR">Gallerie vidéo/text>
     <text lang="DE">Galerie</text>
     <text lang="SI">Galerija filmovTV</text>
     <text lang="FI">Videogalleriar</text>
     <text lang="DK">Film Galleri</text>
     <text lang="SV">Filmgalleri</text>
     <text lang="PT">Galeria de Filmes</text>
     <text lang="ES">Galeríaией</text>
     <text lang="ET">Filmide galerii</text>
     <text lang="RU">алее 
     <action>PLUGIN mythvideo</action>мов</text>


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