[mythtv-users] Mythtv UPNP and Nero Showtime

Calvin Harrigan charrig_mythtv at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 4 14:18:58 UTC 2007

Over the weekend, I got got a dvd burner that included a version of nero 
6 that included showtime 2.  From the wiki showtime 2 is supposed to be 
a UPNP client.  So I thought it was great that I might be able to access 
the media on mythtv from a windows box.  I'm running 0.20.2 on gentoo. 
I was able to connect to mythtv after configuring  the firewall,  it 
listed videos, music, and recordings.  Music worked fine, videos, I 
didn't really check because my dbase was out of date.  The recording 
listing was pretty nice you can search by title, date, genre and a 
couple other means.  I was able to play back some recordings and not 
others, the magic seems to be based on the file size.  Anything over 2 
gigs doesn't seem to play.  Unfortunately only .5 hr shows are less than 
2 gigs using the quality level I use.  HD, well...
Has anyone else had any luck with showtime?  I'm tempted to download 
showtime 3, which is bundled with the rest of the nero package as a 
demo, all 173 megs of it.  Before I commit to such a big download and 
possibly screwing up my existing nero install, I'm looking for some feed 
back.  I'm looking for a software UPNP client for windows, the ones 
suggested in the wiki all had there own hangups.


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