[mythtv-users] Speed optimizing for Remote frontend?

Mailing Lists mlists at dressler.ca
Tue Sep 4 14:42:37 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have a great system running at home on a fast computer. 
 I also have a second 'home' in another city where I 
commute for work.  I have established a vpn between both 
places and I can see the myth backend, web etc.  I would 
like to be able to watch live or delayed live tv over the 
link but its rather jumpy.  The links are both on 8mb 
cable modems with 'some' delay but its fairly stable.

Is there a way that I can make this work?  I don't mind 
watching things a bit 'lagged' if it needs to queue up 
locally or something.  The other option I have, I suppose, 
would be to record the programs I want to watch then 
download them.  Would it help to make a a local 
mythbackend slave?

Mythweb has the ability to watch recordings over it - is 
there a way to watch live TV over it (my desktops are all 


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