[mythtv-users] How to configure IPTV source?

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Tue Sep 4 03:24:04 UTC 2007

> The XMLTVID is completely optional for receiving the stream; but it may be
> necessary for connecting the channel with guide data (I don't use any
> guide data for my IPTV streams, as the provider of the IPTV I use doesn't
> have a lineup registered with Datadirect).

Thanks Greg, Jarom, that's got me most of the way there I think. My m3u
file now looks like this:-

#EXTINF:0,800 - Bloomberg

and when I start up Myth, I get a more promising result:

2007-09-04 13:01:14.551 TVRec(4) Error: Problem finding starting channel,
setting to default of '3'.
2007-09-04 13:01:14.601 IPTVChan(4): Loaded 1 channels from
2007-09-04 13:01:14.603 IPTVChan(4), Error: GetChanInfo(3) failed
2007-09-04 13:01:14.605 IPTVChan(4), Error: SetChannelByString(3) Invalid
2007-09-04 13:01:14.606 TVRec(4) Error: Setting start channel '3' failed,
                        and no other channels were found on input.

I'll fix the incorrect startup channel when I can get in front of the
mythtv-setup GUI tonight.

However, I don't see the demo channel 800 that I've set up (in the m3u)
anywhere in Myth i.e. in the Program Guide. I didn't associate the IPTV
input with a video source, as I don't have any guide data available.

Do I need to make up a 'dummy' video source so that I can see the channel
defined in the m3u?



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