[mythtv-users] How to configure IPTV source?

Jarom McDonald jarom_mcdonald at byu.edu
Tue Sep 4 02:01:16 UTC 2007

In other words, the trick to writing an m3u file so the channels load into mythtv is to pay attention to the following notes:

1) As opposed to VLC, you do NOT use an '@' sign before the ip address of the channel (I'm not sure which is more correct...to use it or not; but VLC uses it while mythtv doesn't)

2) For each channel line, the '#EXTINF:' needs to be followed by a group number, a comma, and a channel number (with an optional dash followed by the channel name you wish to assign) that you're assigning that particular stream. These are completely arbitrary, based solely on your needs.

The XMLTVID is completely optional for receiving the stream; but it may be necessary for connecting the channel with guide data (I don't use any guide data for my IPTV streams, as the provider of the IPTV I use doesn't have a lineup registered with Datadirect).

If you'd like another example of an m3u file that works, I'm happy to send it along; however, it's identical in format to the post I'm replying to, minus the #EXTMYTHTV lines.

Jarom McDonald

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> However, I'm a bit stuck on the format of the m3u file. Here's what I have
> at the moment:-

 In case it's of any use to you here is my iptv.m3u file which I use to record some streams I generate here in the house.   I used a single IP and multiple ports, but you can use the same port and multiple IP's.

881, 882, 883 etc being the channel numbers I was assigning them to, and each
with it's proper xmltvid.

mythtv at narf:~/.mythtv$ cat iptv.m3u
#EXTINF:0,881 - WCVB
#EXTINF:0,882 - WBZ
#EXTINF:0,883 - WHDH
#EXTINF:0,884 - WUHF
#EXTINF:0,885 - CJCH
#EXTINF:0,886 - ASN
#EXTINF:0,887 - CBHT
#EXTINF:0,888 - CIHF

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