[mythtv-users] How to configure IPTV source?

Jarom McDonald jarom_mcdonald at byu.edu
Tue Sep 4 15:47:59 UTC 2007

Jon Whitear wrote:

> Do I need to make up a 'dummy' video source so that I can see the channel
> defined in the m3u?

That's what I've done. In fact, here is the complete process I went through:

1) Created the m3u file
2) Created the IPTV 'tuner card' in mythtv-setup (I think the category
is actually named 'network recorder' in the latest SVN); set it to the
m3u file
3) Created a listings source called 'IPTV' and set it to 'no grabber'
4) Associated the IPTV tuner card with the listings source in the
'input' setup area; then, rather than choosing 'download channels from
listings source' as you would with datadirect, I  chose 'scan for
channels.' It then gives you another screen, where you verify the m3u
file and then mythtv reads the m3u file and adds in all your channels to
the channel database, associated with the number you gave them.
5) Fired up the backend and chose the appropriate tuner

It takes a few seconds to get a lock on each channel, and I've noticed
that the OSD can be a bit buggy (for example, if I change channels too
rapidly, the OSD channel number from the previous channel appears
superimposed on the new OSD channel number). But the streaming comes
through perfectly, and recording is a breeze.

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