[mythtv-users] pre-setup myth distros

James Gutshall Jr warchildx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 23:06:01 UTC 2007

I use KnoppMyth, and have build my own mini distros based on debian.  I have
a FC6 backend, 2 Knoppmyth frontends, 1 knoppmyth slave backend, and 2
debian diskless boot frontends.

knoppmyth is easy to configure, and setup.  they have a semi large forum and
provide upgrade instuctions and gotchas to watch out for.

listerally, download the newest iso, boot it, and one of the options is
"upgrade" and it will do an inplace upgrade.

keep in mind that with any config, you need to make sure your data (roms,
videos, dvds, pictures, recorded shows, etc) are backed up regardless of
which distro you use.  though knoppmyth is based on knoppix with is very
debian like.  apt-get, debs, etc.

main thing with it... it has a custom kernel, so even though you can (and I
have personally done) apt-get install my-app-here... I wouldnt do a distro
update via apt because there are some specific things going on in order to
make these all-in-one distros small, and yet as automagic as they can make

long winded story aside, I recommend knoppmyth.
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