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On Nov 30, 2007 2:42 PM, Eric Mesa <ericsbinaryworld at gmail.com> wrote:

> Reading through the archives I saw someone had asked this question about a
> year ago and the responses were a) stay out of religious wars and b) try
> whichever one you want.  Both seem to be the same answers one gets on
> lq.org if asking which Linux distro to use.  However, it's quite obvious
> that, for example, Ubuntu is for newbies and Slackware is not.
> So, with that disclaimer, may I ask for some opinions on Knoppmyth,
> Mythdora, and Mythbuntu.  Do any of them have certain benefits or deficits?
> For example, I know that Mythdora comes with (or appears to come with) some
> proprietary drivers.  But is it difficult to update myth-tv?  I know that
> the Mythdora guys are adamant about not updating Mythdora or your box may
> break.  But will I be stuck using mythtv 0.20 unless I do through a
> complete reinstall - and database dump and all that BS that will cause my
> non-techie wife to insist we just go with a Tivo instead of all this Linux
> rubbish.  Or is Knopmyth easier to setup than the others, unless you have
> this card or that one?
> For a bit more background, I've been running Fedora on my main machine
> since Fedora 1 and I also run a Debian fileserver, FreeBSD HTTP server, and
> an Ubuntu laptop.  So I'm comfy with .debs, .rpms, and (to a lesser degree)
> compiling stuff from scratch.  My goal is to have an easy to install and
> maintain Mythbox that will last as long as the hardware does.  So I want to
> be able to add in new Mythtv features as they come along by upgrading MythTv
> and I want to be able to use plugins to be able to play my extensive, yet
> legally obtained, ROM collection.
> I'm sure I'll still get some "try them all" responses, but those'll be
> sent to my mind's /dev/null as it's already knowledge I posses.  I'm just
> trying to figure out which is the most future proof.  Sure, eventually, I'll
> probably build a separate backend and at that point I may choose to switch,
> but I'm anticipating that being a few years out so I need something that'll
> work until then.
> Sorry if this has been a bit of a rambling mess.  I've been coveting a
> mythbox for a few years now and I'm finally getting the remaining hardware
> as a Christmas gift from my wife, so I am trying to figure out which distro
> to use within the next week or so.  (I may get to open it early)
> Thanks in advance for the help,
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I run Mythdora, and you can upgrade myth through yum.  The bigger issue is
that mythdora 4 is based off FC6 which is EOL.
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