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Eric Mesa ericsbinaryworld at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 20:42:55 UTC 2007

Reading through the archives I saw someone had asked this question about a
year ago and the responses were a) stay out of religious wars and b) try
whichever one you want.  Both seem to be the same answers one gets on
lq.orgif asking which Linux distro to use.  However, it's quite
obvious that, for
example, Ubuntu is for newbies and Slackware is not.

So, with that disclaimer, may I ask for some opinions on Knoppmyth,
Mythdora, and Mythbuntu.  Do any of them have certain benefits or deficits?
For example, I know that Mythdora comes with (or appears to come with) some
proprietary drivers.  But is it difficult to update myth-tv?  I know that
the Mythdora guys are adamant about not updating Mythdora or your box may
break.  But will I be stuck using mythtv 0.20 unless I do through a complete
reinstall - and database dump and all that BS that will cause my non-techie
wife to insist we just go with a Tivo instead of all this Linux rubbish.  Or
is Knopmyth easier to setup than the others, unless you have this card or
that one?

For a bit more background, I've been running Fedora on my main machine since
Fedora 1 and I also run a Debian fileserver, FreeBSD HTTP server, and an
Ubuntu laptop.  So I'm comfy with .debs, .rpms, and (to a lesser degree)
compiling stuff from scratch.  My goal is to have an easy to install and
maintain Mythbox that will last as long as the hardware does.  So I want to
be able to add in new Mythtv features as they come along by upgrading MythTv
and I want to be able to use plugins to be able to play my extensive, yet
legally obtained, ROM collection.

I'm sure I'll still get some "try them all" responses, but those'll be sent
to my mind's /dev/null as it's already knowledge I posses.  I'm just trying
to figure out which is the most future proof.  Sure, eventually, I'll
probably build a separate backend and at that point I may choose to switch,
but I'm anticipating that being a few years out so I need something that'll
work until then.

Sorry if this has been a bit of a rambling mess.  I've been coveting a
mythbox for a few years now and I'm finally getting the remaining hardware
as a Christmas gift from my wife, so I am trying to figure out which distro
to use within the next week or so.  (I may get to open it early)

Thanks in advance for the help,

Eric Mesa
"Do not worry about those things that are outside of your circle of
influence.  For since they are outside of your power to control them it is
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