[mythtv-users] HD Capture support from Component

James Gutshall Jr warchildx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 22:42:12 UTC 2007


> Sorry for the long winded posts.  I currently have SD, and dont have alot
> of money, but trying to help users that are jumping on the HD bandwagon.
> For most, hacking is about the only option being given to them due to
> satellite, or cable companies not playing nice, etc.  TIVO has cablecard,
> and can record HD, etc.

The hacking comment was about emails I see on this group about satellite
receivers with firewire "fixed" to allow HD output.  Also some people trying
to use their TIVO to "assist" myth with getting HD content, etc...

> When I explain to friends what my Mythtv cluster is/does... "Imaging a
> TIVO on steroids...Then add the ability to program any additional features I
> want into it."  I am just trying to live up to that.  I dont want to be
> stuck on SD content for ever and have to get multiple DVR equipment, hack
> it, just to keep using my myth boxes.

This statement should be "Imagine a TIVO on Steroids" not imaging...
Again, the hacking comment is related to having to have memberships for
TIVO, cable/satellite DVR  and trying to break them open to get myth to
talk, rather than come out of the legal tv ouput cables but instead of
connecting directly to a TV, we connect to one of these super HD cards.

PS: I get absolutely NO OTA channels... Not even rabbit ears oldschool
channels.  therefore, I am currently on SD cable, but watching as things
progress for when I get ready for HD, I dont want to be buying a ton of
stuff to find out "you cant get there from here" when TIVO, and other DVR's
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