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James Gutshall Jr warchildx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 22:34:59 UTC 2007

Though the second ($1500) says capture card. PVR encoder cards are also
"capture cards" but they include additional hardware processing.

IT was a longshot, but according to "what this is for" people use it todo
editing, etc of HD streams.  examples include video from HD camcorders,
etc.  thus if it can come from the card into the computer and be able to
playback through the card in realtime, I dont see why myth couldnt record in
realtime. IF, of course, linux could talk to the dang thing in the first

My point was I found this using about less that 10 minutes searching
google.  even if this particular card doesnt have drivers, etc for linux...
This was released in 2006 and is still selling.  that means someone else has
to have similar cards.  point being: HD component capture cards exist.

with this being the case, if drivers are written/borrowed, etc, then this
would make HD for PVR possible. I know it is a long shot, but currently, we
are told that HD on Myth (except for select few lucky cable users with open
for the meantime firewire), HD is not an option for users.

HDMI = never happen - encryption/hdcp, DRM, etc.
Cablecards = never happen = myth devs/ivtv/etc not willing to venture up the
encrypted video path. same as above.
Component = no encryption/ most devices support output (cable stb, dvd,
blueray/hddvd, satellite HD, etc) but no such thing as component HD capture
cards.  Well, I found 1, and therefore there has to be more out there.

Sorry for the long winded posts.  I currently have SD, and dont have alot of
money, but trying to help users that are jumping on the HD bandwagon.  For
most, hacking is about the only option being given to them due to satellite,
or cable companies not playing nice, etc.  TIVO has cablecard, and can
record HD, etc.

Last thought.

When I explain to friends what my Mythtv cluster is/does... "Imaging a TIVO
on steroids...Then add the ability to program any additional features I want
into it."  I am just trying to live up to that.  I dont want to be stuck on
SD content for ever and have to get multiple DVR equipment, hack it, just to
keep using my myth boxes.

OK, for sure, end of post... ;-)
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